The Junior Symphony Guild

The Junior Symphony Guild, Inc. was a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the joy of Unique symphonic Music to the kids of our community. Music is a very important element in the education of our children, JSG Education Programs worked closely to provide them with live performances that enriched them culturally, taught them how to appreciate music and explored the musical talents that they had.
In 1997, the American Symphony Orchestra League in Washington, DC, honored them in the GSB’s “Inside the Orchestra” programs with “best in the nation for the extension education”. This recognition of the work of the guild was very important.

People did not miss the opportunity to see these award-winning programs for themselves, and included:

“Tiny Tots” concert for ages 3-6

“Within the orchestra” programs in elementary schools.

Thomas H. Jensen, Director of Music of the JSG with 30 years of experience in the musical education, who worked at the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio. Also, he was the main Guest Conductor of the Twin Cities (MN) Institute for Youngsters with talent. Mr. Jensen has a background in ballet, and has been acclaimed for his work with the Colorado, Joffrey, Nashville and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company. Mr. Jensen has received his own radio show in Denver, San Antonio, Boston and Minneapolis. This fund has been invaluable.

Composed of 14 professional musicians performed “Inside the Orchestra” program in about 20 primary schools every year. The beginnings of an orchestra, musical, instrument families, and the Music in everyday life were explored in a fun, interactive format.

Inside the Orchestra programs were free to all schools in the Denver metropolitan area and were scheduled in the autumn and spring.